VBS : Create Windows File Share Report

Hi Everyone,

During a large file migration for a customer I found it necessary to compile a list of all security settings for Windows file shares. The customer used share permission in combination with file (NTFS) permissions. I know... GREAT combinationJ. It makes the migration task a bit tricky.

For this reason I deployed a script that can dump all current shares including the shares permissions to report.

Using this report you can modify the file permissions using icacls or just manually.


Running the script


  1. Download the script to the computer where you need to extract the report.

  2. Execute the script by double clicking the icon.
  3. Within the same folder as the script a new text file with the name “ShareLogFile.txt” will be create.
  4. Wait for 2-3 minutes for the report to me finalized. Then you can open the report.


    You should get a file that looks something like this ShareLogFile.txt (3.58 kb)


    The scripts are provided AS IS without warranty of any kind.


    Download Script:  DumpShareWithPermissions.vbs (3.49 kb)