Can't use system configuration properties when creating a new vm from SCVMM Self Service Portal

Some weeks ago I was contacted by a customer asking me why his SCVMM Self Service Portal didn't allow him to use the custome properties during deployment of a new vm. After reviewing the picture below I was immediately convinced that it had to do with the SCVMM template not being prep'ed using sysprep. But I had to be sure.......

I therefore created a new template to reproduce the customer scenario.... If you don't Sysprep your templates before adding them to your VM Library. You will not be able to use the "System Configuration" properties from the "New Virtual Machine" wizard. All the fields like "Product Key", "Admin Password" and "Computer name" will be left grayed out.  All virtual machines will retain the original configuration made during the creation of the template. Therefore any new template will have the same computer name as well.  Wink


Recommendation / Solution

I recommend that you use the step by step guide on Technet for create a new virtual machine template:




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