FEP 2010 - Orphaned collection during reinstall


Just a HeadsUp when designing your Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 policy collection structure.

If you build your FEP policy assignment collection structure beneath "FEP Collections" watch out if you need to reinstall/repair the FEP installation the sub collections ends up orhpaned and after a reinstallation of the FEP installation you will not be able to see the sub collection in th console any more.

You will also get an error if you try to recreate the structure because the previously created collections still exist in the SCCM database.

"The collection name is already in use. Please enter a different name."

 Follow the steps in this guide to either re-create the collection structure or remove it all together:



Thanks to Morten Kløve Simonsen for his input in this mather.



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FEP 2010 - "No Data" and "Error: Subreport could not be shown".


Yesterday I visited a smaller customer that had decided to do the implementation of FEP 2010 them self. Nothing wrong in that, but somewhere a long the way something had gone terrible wrong with the installation.



The FEP 2010 reporting (SQL reporting services) component didn't show any data. I just stated "No Data" and "Error: Subreport could not be shown".


After doing some troubleshooting I found that I couldn't access the Microsoft SQL 2008 Analysis services using the Microsoft SQL Management studio. None of the customers services accounts had access to connect to the service.


We decided to reinstall the FEP 2010 reporting component after re-installing the Microsoft SQL 2008 Analysis service. After completing the installation everything worked.


 /Peter Dahl


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